Flagship group of the 80s, The Cure, like The Police, has often been imitated, never equalled even if inheritors are numerous and talented (specially Placebo and Block Party). Generally two seconds are enough to recognize one of their songs, with their characteristic bass line.
Standing on a Beach put together all the famous titles as soon as they were released, all written in less than 2 years!  Killing an Arab, Boys Don't Cry, Charlotte Sometimes, Let's Go to Bed, The Lovecats, The Caterpillar, In Between Days and Close to Me. This last one, having been played on French public radio for weeks, each morning more or less at the same hour, probably because a programmer had developed a strong obsession for this addictive melody, as perky as the lyrics are depressing.
A few weeks after the end of the first lockdown in France (Spring 2020), while walking along the streets, as though I had an appointment with old friends, I saw two teenagers singing Friday I'm in Love and dancing on the pavement. They clearly weren't born when this title released in 1992, but it sounded as if the song had been written the day before.
Great band, intact joy to listen to them.

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