Carrère's books have often been adapted for the screen and the most known is probably L'Adversaire (The Adversary), account of the life of the murderer Jean-Claude Romand, who pretended to be a doctor his whole life and killed his entire family  to avoid being discovered.
Like Jean Rolin or David Simon, Emmanuel Carrère draws his materials from real stories, sometimes from judiciary contexts.
From the tsunami in 2011 to a French court judging overly indebted families, Other Lives But Mine draws the portrait of survivors (to a natural disaster, a grief, a cancer) who still have hope of better days. Harrowing.
Other Lives But Mine (D'autres vies que la mienne), Emmanuel Carrère, Ed. P.O.L, March 2009.
All books are published by P.O.L editions, most of them have been translated into English.

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