A few years ago, Les Inrocks, the French rock magazine that cradled my teenage years, had published  the headline “impressive Arcade Fire ''. Such an emphasis seemed a little bit exaggerated to me, then.
Rock music (and music in general) provides many occasions to be enthusiastic and I have to say that  all that time I had no idea what I was missing. 
Around ten years ago, I was lucky enough to see them on stage in Brooklyn. I had bought tickets thinking "ok, they're supposed to be great live, let's see if that theory checks out ". Well, I suddenly knew what I'd been missing for the 10 years leading up to that concert. We should never forget that curiosity is a good thing.
I found this strong feeling of a group of kindred spirits, more than a group, playing with a collective energy a hundred times stronger than each individual one, with two other bands. By chance or not, both are Icelandic: Of Monsters and Men and Mammùt.
Churning out hit after hit, generous onstage presence, magical melodies... all of these groups make each concert an unforgettable experience.​​​​​​​

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